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As experienced network and web application penetration testing consultants, our focus is to help you understand and prioritize any potential security vulnerabilities.


Types of Penetration Testing We Offer



We help you understand the security of your external perimeter and its resiliency to modern attacks.

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We focus on your internal network to uncover the most likely security threats and risks.

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Identify flaws within your application and its infrastructure that may lead to a compromise.

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Our team of experts reviews your PCI compliance objectives and develop a best-fit testing strategy.

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External Network Penetration Test

The goal of external penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise. With our in-depth approach to testing, you will gain a deeper understanding about the likelihood and impact of attacks on your organization.


  • Reconnaissance and information gathering is performed to identify publicly available information that may contribute to the compromise of an organization or its assets.

  • Enumeration identifies external assets to provide a clear view of the attack surface and potential routes for compromise.

  • Manual research and exploitation of vulnerabilities is conducted to confirm any findings and better understand their impact.


Internal Network Penetration Test

The goal of internal penetration testing is to understand the ability of an organization’s internal network to detect and resist modern attacks. Our approach to testing leverages attacker “Tactics, Techniques and Procedures” (TTPs) that are most likely to threaten your organization.


  • What attackers might do

  • How far they might get

  • Prioritized guidance on better securing the organization.


Web Application Penetration Test

The goal of web application penetration testing is to identify flaws within an application and its infrastructure that may lead to a compromise. Our testing process incorporates automated and manual processes that follow industry-leading methodologies including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and others to ensure that our testing is relevant to tactics employed by modern attackers.


  • Our manual testing process looks deeper than a vulnerability scan is able and identifies sophisticated attack vectors.

  • Rest easy knowing your application has been tested by skilled professionals for modern attacks like SQL injection, XSS, and more.

  • Quickly resolve issues with our expert and efficient guidance.

PCI-DSS Penetration Test

PCI penetration tests have specific goals set forth by the PCI Security Standards Council Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Our team has extensive experience with PCI compliance and all our services can be focused around PCI compliance objectives. We will help you understand your PCI compliance needs and develop a testing strategy that best fits your organization.


  • Ensure compliance with frequently changing PCI-DSS requirements.

  • Reduce operational costs by properly scoping your Card Data Environment (CDE), technical controls and associated testing.

  • Get expert recommendations that take your security beyond just PCI compliance and truly make a difference.


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