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Penetration Testing

Work with a team that has years of consulting experience with security programs of all shapes and sizes. Uncover weak points with approaches that use real-world tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to bypass security controls of applications, systems, and networks. We’ll make sure you thoroughly understand the impact potential of a compromise, and how to best protect against it.



Vulnerability Assessment

We take vulnerability assessment beyond clicking “scan” and emailing you the results. Using a combination of industry-leading scanning tools and our holistic security expertise, we identify known vulnerabilities in applications, systems, and networks. Ditch the hard-to-read, canned reports- we’ll deliver a professional report that includes a prioritized action plan for any recommendations.



InfoSec Consulting

We’ve been in your shoes, and know it’s hard to wear so many different hats. It’s also hard to find good employees with deep knowledge of industries regulated by the FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, NCUA, HIPAA, HITRUST and PCI. Get expert help and solve your problem quickly with nearly any information security topic- security program design, governance and policy development, contingency planning, training workshops and tabletop sessions, system and network hardening, physical security strategy, incident response, IT Audit, risk management, threat modeling and more!

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