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Our Company

We value long-term relationships with our clients, because we know that’s how you make the biggest difference with a security program.


A different approach to doing business

We believe happy teams produce better quality work, and better quality work earns customer loyalty. To back our constant push for quality and innovation, we’ve created an equitable work environment for our team. We’re focused on providing high-caliber, customer-first service over meeting revenue quotas.



We emphasize quality over growth by providing best-in-class cybersecurity services without the sales pressure.


With normalized pay and generous profit sharing, everyone at DORN is not only a valued team member, they’re also a business owner.

Our motto

Quality over Growth

(Also: be a good person. But that should be a given.)


Top shelf consultants

We have years of experience building winning teams and providing information security and penetration testing consulting services to organizations of all sizes. We've consulted with small companies, huge investment firms, some of the largest law firms in the midwest, multi-billion dollar community banks and some of the largest benefits providers in the United States.



We have 15+ years in security and technology, with multiple degrees and certifications (e.g., CISSP, OSCP, and GCIH).


We are passionate about hacking, information security, and driving impactful changes to security programs.


Our team has backgrounds in banking, application development, security program management, and IT infrastructure. 

Serving the U.S. from Boulder, CO

We are based in Boulder, Colorado but work with clients around the country.


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