About Us

I left a successful career in technology to pursue a dream. DORN was founded with a vision to make a positive impact for as many people as possible. I see the value that small businesses bring to their community and am passionate about helping them achieve their goals.
— Stefan Dorn

Our Team

DORN is a privately held cybersecurity and risk management consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado. Our expert advisers are hand-picked and thoroughly vetted. Each holds respected and accredited degrees in technology, as well as multiple world-class certifications ranging from Network+ and Security+ to National Security Agency CNSS training designations and (ISC)²'s CISSP.

Our Mission

The core values of DORN are tied to our logo, based on an ancient Viking symbol referred to as the ‘Valknut’. For us, the Valknut symbolizes three things: CollaborationIntegrity, and Quality. We incorporate these three tenets into everything we do.

DORN strives to make access to information security and technology experts possible by providing you with consulting, training and assessment services that are tailored to your business. Our passion is finding efficient solutions that are as simple as possible and easily maintained, versus applying complex and expensive technology that inevitably results in more overhead for your bottom line.

One of the offerings we are most excited about are our training services. The opportunity to instill security awareness into our surrounding communities is important and meaningful for everyone- whether it's training you, your team, or even your customers!

Why work with DORN?

Everyone on the DORN team has a decade or more of combined experience in technology, security, and business leadership. We are among the best in the business, but we're also a small business. When you partner with us, you aren’t funding a Ferrari collection or some behemoth house on a lake; you’re helping us support our families and communities.

If you need an adviser and advocate that is personally invested in the security of your business and customers, what are you waiting for? Contact Us now!